Cumulus Digital Culture Session in Shanghaï 2010

Cumulus Shanghai Tongji 2010A new session of the working group will take place during next Cumulus conference organised by Tongji University in Shanghaï, Sep. 7-11 2010. The working group itself is scheduled Tuesday 7th 10:00-13:00. This will be the occasion to relaunch the activity of the WG, which has been quite sleepy for the last two years.Princess Castle Pink

Cumulus conference Shanghaï “Better City, Better Life” website.

Orientation of the Shanghaï Session :

What is the state of Digital Culture in Shanghaï 2010 ? We need inner feedback from players in the local market. What are the trends, opportunities and threats in the vastest area in Asia concerning digital services, applications and media ? With the introduction of case studies (success stories, failures and errors also), explanation and analysis of creative processes & key factors in this specific context will be brought. Invited speakers Itamar Medeiros and Lynette Chan will be provide us with their vision for the future, and maybe tell us a bit about expectations and wishes for the evolution of design education in the field of interaction design, service design, digital media Inflatable Water Game.

Session will be divided in two parts :

- Digital Culture in Shanghaï 2010 : case studies

Invited speakers :

Itamar Medeiros

Itamar Medeiros, from Brazil, currently lives in Shanghai, where he works as User Experience Manager of Utilities Design Solutions at Autodesk ®, and helps promote Interaction Design as a local coordinator for the Interaction Design Association (IxDA). Working in the Information Technology industry since 1998, Itamar Medeiros has developed <>  several websites and interactive media campaigns, both as art director and, later, as creative director. As an Information Design specialist , served as board member of the Brazilian Society of Information Design , and held a lecturing position as Assistant Program Director of the Visual Communication Department of Raffles Design Institute at DongHua University, China.

Lynnette Chan
Human centered industrial designer at rénnovate
Former Lead of Creative Studio at Asentio and industrial designer at IDEO Shanghaï.
Lynnette Chan, born and raised in Singapore, currently curiously observing daily living surprises in Shanghai. Prior to setting up rénnovate, she was an industrial designer with IDEO and Creative Studio Lead at Asentio Design. Her project portfolio includes wide range of products, from Chinese youth media behaviors, health care, oral care, home electronics, future handheld computing to cooking stove for rural China. During the design process, she collaborates very closely across multi-disciplines (human factor specialists, mechanical engineers, and interaction designers).

- State of the art and relaunch of the DC activity : who’s in, who shall be in, what for ?

About Cumulus Digital Culture

Cumulus Digital Culture is a working group bringing together members of the CUMULUS Association dedicated to new media and interaction design.

For a while now, digital technologies and services have appeared all around us on a worldwide scale. Art, design and media higher education institutions have taken into account this emerging and challenging trend pervading our societies.
Many courses, curriculums, degrees and research projects have come to life over the past ten or fifteen years: “new media, “interaction design”, “multimedia/hypermedia” etc…
Depending on each institution’s own history, on the personal interests of the pioneering founders as well as on national and local contexts, many different options have been explored. It’s now time to identify and to gather the various players in our institutions interested in what can be called a “digital culture” in a broader sense.
This working group is meant to be both a platform for discussion and exchanges about existing experiences and a framework for future collaboration, including the quite contemporary issue of research.

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